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Kontact the Kard Kraken


Krak'N Ship (KNS)
A term we use to refer to "Rip and Ship" packs. You can purchase packs live on stream. Menu changes with every stream, based on stock.
Pack Battles
Pack Battles requires two participants that agree to the same purchase and splitting the cost evenly of the spoils for the battle. We can do high or low pricing for battles. Participants will receive the original order, spoils will go to the winner.
A segment to the stream, where you can "claim" cards to purchase.
Box Break
Communities members buy into a break from our Facebook page. Contents of the box can be split many ways, make sure to read the posts and ask any questions you might have.
Color Break
Participants will buy into a break. We randomize those list of participants to decide on the picking order for the available colors on the break. Participants get assigned to a color based on their color picks. They will receive all the cards in that color. Sometimes we combine colors together, important to always read the post for breaks.
Snake Break
A break where the cards are drafted among the participants. 1st participant on the list picks a card from a spreadsheet done in a private chat. It will go from 1st participant, all the way down to the 8th participant. The 8th participant will then pick again and it will "snake" it's way back up to the 1st participant. We continue this pattern till all the cards are picked. 12345678 87654321 1234....
Pick Your Color (PYC)
These breaks will let you buy into a specific color. Price will be set by the estimated value among the cards you can open from. You will receive all the cards in your color in this break.
Giveaway Entries
Entries you can earn by watching and participating with the stream. There is several mini-games and events that occur during the stream that will hand out entries to our viewers. Prizes for giveaways vary by stream based on Sub and Bit goals achieved.
Slot Machine
A fun redeem on stream where you can earn giveaway entries.
We use Marbles on Stream as a fun way to give out giveaway entries and other prizes on stream. Free to join and only requires typing !play into chat when prompted.
A special event where we use Marble races to give out special prizes.
Bit and Sub Goals
We have Bit and Sub Goals we have on the channel, when those goals are met we add prizes to the pool for giveaways.
A fun little redeem where you are assigned a creature type for the stream. The goal is to hit "Kraken" on any of your creature types to get giveaway entries. Hilarious combinations will show up!
A community meme. When a 1000 bit drop occurs, !getfukt command turns on for 5 minutes. You can feel free to spam it! It's actually highly encouraged!!! It has a 3 second cooldown to trigger the sound effect per user.
BIGSUCCAnother community meme. BIGSUCC is when the flying saucer sucks up your marble during marble races.!ppVIPs on the channel have access to this command. Triggers Prismatic Piper to Toot the Flute and randomly gift entries to present viewers!!predict / Predict a PackA fun game we play when we do a box break. We have a random chat participant selected to pick a pack from the box, followed by Kard Kraken. We will price out the contents of those packs at the end of the break. If the participant has a stronger pack in value, they get 3 additional giveaway entries.MetallicMonstR
Lover of Dragons and Fitness. He resides in the Yukon, a Paradise for this goblin...

FAQ - Visual Guide

What is a Snake Break? 🐍

Snake BreakThis is called a Snake Draft because the picks for the cards snakes back and forth like a football draft.
Example : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 1 2 ... and so on.
To participate in the draft you will need the following:
- Member of the Facebook group and Facebook Messenger
- Google Sheets access
Once the break is fully reserved, emails for payment will be sent.This break will randomize the list of participants using to decide the picking order and results shared on the Facebook post.The spreadsheet will contain Rares, Mythics, Lands, Showcase Frames, Foil Uncommons.
Prices and price sources will provided. You can click/tap on a card's name to see the card version.
The remainder of the cards from the break are randomized and shipped with the draft picks.An Example of a filled spreadsheet is here.

What is a Color Break? 🎊

Color BreakA Color Break is where we split the cards using their colors. Read carefully for how certain types or colors might be paired.We randomize the participants once the break is filled and paid for.Randomization will decide the picking order for the available colors. Randomization is done by and the results shared on the Facebook post.Example of colors available to pick from:
White⚪ (W)
Blue🔵 (U)
Colorless 🟤(C)
Lands 🟣(L)
As you reserve a spot you will asked to submit your color pick list.This is the order that you would prefer to have your color assignment based on the randomization.Example: Blue/Black/Red/Green/Lands/Colorless/Multi/White Or U/B/R/G/L/C/M/WSo... First color preference is Blue, if not available pick Black, if not available pick Red and so on and so forth.First on the randomization will get their first color pick preference. The. second would get their pick based on their list and colors available and so on and so forth.

What is a Pick Your Color Break? 👉🌈

Pick Your ColorThis break let's you purchase specific color(s).
Price will depend on the value of the color based on current market prices.
You will receive ALL cards opened in your color.
Color may determined by the casting cost of the card, or color indicator. Always read the post carefully for any exceptions.
White⚪ $20
Green🟢 $50
Colorless 🟤 $10
Lands 🟣$32

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